Thursday, December 5, 2013

So Many Sunsets

My poor blog has been untouched for over a year!  My gallery at Split Coast Stampers also has languished with few entries as of late.  What can be keeping me from documenting my creative pursuits now that I have so much more unscheduled time?

 October 5th, Lost Creek
The weather this fall has been a welcome change from typical years past – less rain and wind, more sunshine! As the days grow short, I often find myself out and about when the sun is setting.  Living near Newport offers easy access to these sunsets, and the best part is they are free.  I’ve been striving to pay more attention to the costs of things that entertain since we have become a single-income family. I'm not sure that I completely concur with the "best things in life are free" philosophy (I truly miss morning lattes prepared by a local barista), but sunsets definitely can be included in my best-things list.
November 13th, Lost Creek  
Sometimes I have a passenger along when I decide to pull over and “shoot the sky”, which cramps my style a bit.  My son: “OMG Mom, you don’t need to take a picture!” The unscheduled stop was clearly cutting into his scheduled computer game time!  On another recent occasion, my husband referring to parents waiting for us to pick up our son from a visit: “I’m not sure they need to wait for you to stop for a sunset.” I'm sure they wouldn't mind.
 November 19th, Yaquina Bay
Thankfully, other times I can spare a few unencumbered minutes to enjoy the evolution of light and color as the sun dips ever lower in the sky and then disappears below the horizon. 
 November 24th, Jump-Off Joe 
November 25th, Agate Beach
This gallery of sunsets delivered from the heavens via my trusty Nokia Lumia phone. One of these days I'll remember to put my Cannon T1i and a tripod in the car, but isn't smart phone technology grand?
  November 27th, Lost Creek

Thanks for taking a peek!